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Super Dream Brigade 2: The Timeless Kingdom



Wii U

Number of Players:
1 in Story Mode, Adventure Mode, Action Mode and Boss Rush
1-4 in Battle Mode

Gameplay Summary:
Take control of 7 heroes from different games and cartoons and jump, speed, blast, slash, stretch, fly, solve puzzles and transform your way through a new world lost in time and defeat the forces of evil that threaten not just this world but also the entire universe!

Story Summary:
Taking place 2 years after the events of the original SDB game, the original heroes: Mario the super plumber, Sonic the Hedgehog the fastest thing alive, Rock Man aka. Mega Man the robot master, Finn the Human & Jake the Dog heroes of Oooh, and alicorn princess Twilight Sparkle hae been teleported to another world known as Timeless Kingdom, a world were time and space is controled by beings calledTime sorcerers. Here they meet Minuette, a young time sorceress and the one who brought them here, knowing about the six heroes and their adventures, she knew they were the right people, hedgehog, robot, dog and pony for the job: To stop the time sorcerer Clockwork from destroying the current timeline and change it to his own image. Not only that, but he has also brought the Evil Alliance, composed of King Bowser, Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, Doctor Albert W. Wily, Magic Man and Queen Chrysalis, and two new villains: the criminal mastermind Jean Descole and the pirate captain Risky Boots to his world as part of his plans. And to make matters worst, Clockwork has kidnaped the heroes's loved ones and friends as well in order to lure them into his own traps. To counter the new enemies, Minuette has also summoned two new heroes to join the Super Dream Brigade: the puzzle solver Professor Hershel Layton and the half-genie hero Shantae. Now once again, the heroes must join forces alongside the newcomers to stop this new menace and save not just their friends, but the entire universe as well. So go forth and triumph once again: The Super Dream Brigade!

Game Modes:
Story Mode: Choose from 7 different playable characters and play through each individual storyline that will all intertwine and eventually lead to the finale.

Adventure Mode: Explore the new world at your own pace and find new stages to play in.

Action Mode: Select any stage to go to that you’ve played through in either Story or Adventure Mode. You can also select the different missions for each stage.

Battle Mode: A competitive mode where you can face off against computer players or other human players and face off in duels, races, treasure hunts, puzzle solving and assorted minigames.

Gallery: View all of the artwork, movies, cutscenes, medals and 3D models that you’ve unlocked as well as listen to the music of this game. Here you can also choose which alternate costumes for the characters.

Shopping District: Using money earnt in-game you can buy artwork, movies, 3D models, music and alternate costumes from here.

Boss Rush: Select a character and fight all the bosses they take on in story mode all in succession.

Data: Contains statistics such as how long you’ve been playing, your highest rankings, fastest times and how much of the game you’ve unlocked.

Options: Customize various settings such as difficulty.

|The Good|

Mario – The portly plumber whose acrobatic abilities and assortment of power-ups are sure to overcome any obstacle that evil throws at him. He is a veteran member of the Super Dream Brigade Team. Regardless of whatever challenges he may face, Mario never gives up and always finds a way to triumph over treacherous forces in order to help people, especially if it’s Princess Peach. “It's-a me, Mario!”

Sonic the Hedgehog – The Blue Blur that races ahead at incredible speeds and will never give up on fighting for freedom. He is a veteran member of the Super Dream Brigade Team. A cool dude with attitude, Sonic’s cocky personality and pride is matched only by his kind heart, and will gladly give help to those who need it most, and certainly a good beating to those who had it coming. "What you see is what you get! Just a guy who loves adventure. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!"

Mega Man – The robot master who has taken on many mighty foes with his Mega Buster and Variable Weapons System for the hope of a peaceful future. He is a veteran member of the Super Dream Brigade Team. He has a metallic heart of justice and righteousness and believes that peace between robots and humans can be possible, and as a result is willing to give others a fair go; although he can be bit too trusting for his own good. "I'll keep on fighting for peace for both humans and robots!"

Finn the Human – The last remaining human in his world and a great warrior who punches, kicks, slices and suplexes for great justice. He is a veteran member of the Super Dream Brigade Team. He’s always ready for adventure and fighting and will do anything in his power to give help to people who need it, while making sure do it with style and child-like optimism; although he can be very sincere when need be and still has some insecurities about himself. "I'll slay anything that's evil. That's my deal!"

Jake the Dog – Adoptive brother and best friend of Finn, he is able to stretch into any shape he chooses to help his bro out in any situation. He is a veteran member of the Super Dream Brigade Team. In comparison to his bro, Jake is much more laid-back and casual, but still just as willing to make sure most people are at peace and can all just chill and party while still having plenty of good advice that one would expect from a father of five kids, although his moral compass can go somewhat off at times. "I'd rather be dancin' with some babes!"

Twilight Sparkle – The studious alicorn princess who would never turn her back on a friend and uses her powerful magic to preserve harmony. She is a veteran member of the Super Dream Brigade Team. Highly intelligent and having a strong willingness to learn new things (especially about friendship), she is also highly compassionate and responsible, which makes her ascension to a princess all the more reasonable alongside her great achievements; although she can still get worried easily about not living up to expectations. "We've learned that friendship isn't always easy. But there's no doubt it's worth fighting for."

Professor Hershel Layton - An english gentleman that enjoys solving puzzles and mysteries, and of course a good cup of tea. He is incredibly brave, intelligent and athletic, also he is always calm and is polite to everyone he meets. He also has a recurring quote, being: 'That's what a gentleman does'. As well as being brave and heroic, Layton also has a soft side. Most of his mysteries start out with him trying to help people. His intelligence will allow him to solve puzzles that noone else can, and he is good at swordfighting too. He is a new member of the Super Dream Brigade Team. "A gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved."

Shantae - A young half-genie charged with protecting the fishing port of Scuttle Town. Young and somewhat naive, Shantae's strong sense of justice nonetheless propels her into action. Her main form of offense is using her magically endowed ponytail as a crude whip. In addition, she is capable of transforming into various creatures via the use of magical dances. She is a new member of the Super Dream Brigade Team. "Alright, let's dance!"

Minuette: A young time sorceress who escaped from the tirany of Clockwork in order to find a way to stop him. She learned about several heroes who have been able to do even the impossible to save the day, and so she summoned them to her world to help her save it and defeat Clockwork and his minions. She is sweet and kind and is always willing to help those in need, but she's also kind of a nerd, as she is usually seen playing video games and watching anime on her free times.

|The Bad|

King Bowser – The monstrous king of koopas who bears a long-standing grudge on Mario for constantly defeating him and taking Princess Peach from him. Ruthless, commanding and very rude, Bowser’s frightening appearance matches his mean personality, and while he isn’t always the brightest bulb in the box (especially when compared to other members of the Evil Alliance), his intimidation and determination are traits that more than make up for it. "I'm the biggest, baddest brute around, and don't you forget it."

Doctor Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik – A rotund robot creator who boasts an IQ of 300 and wants nothing more than to conquer the world and get rid of that blue pest Sonic. He enjoys gloating and believes that villainy should go with a touch of finesse and style, although he is also very immature and borderline child-like when things don’t go his way, although that doesn’t quite nullify the fact that he is a genius not just with robotics, but also at manipulation and thinking ahead. "Ouch! I think I gloated so hard I pulled a muscle!"

Doctor Albert Wily – A brilliant yet cowardly robot creator that has sent numerous robot masters after his nemesis Mega Man and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Dr. Wily is a man that believes the world should consider him the greatest mind of all time, and will use trickery and other underhanded methods of obtaining his goals; that would make sense considering he’s a big coward that will try to beg himself out of bad situations, but when he feels he has the upper hand it’s most likely he is at a good advantage. "Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please. The name's Wily... The one and only, the brilliant scientist, Dr. Wily!"

Magic Man – A massive jerk with great magical powers that wants payback on the only two people that have successfully humiliated him: Finn and Jake. Needless to say, the word ‘Jerk’ is usually the first thing that comes to mind when describing this strangely-clothed Martian, and will screw over anyone he feels like, especially if it’s a life or death situation. Worse still, he has been feeling a need to make every sentence he says rhyme, purely because it annoys people. "That's right, it is I, the Magic Man! Zap!"

Queen Chrysalis – The Queen of changelings whose plans for absolute power were thwarted thanks to Twilight’s efforts and now seeks her revenge. Selfish, manipulative and in spite of being able to absorb love, she has no room in her heart for anyone but herself, her children (maybe) and her impeccable singing voice. Just like the two doctors in the Evil Alliance, she easily shrinks into cowardice when she hasn’t got any tricks up her sleeves (or hoof holes or whatever they are). She has the power to change her shape into any person she has seen and uses it as a disguise so that she can secretly absorb love and eventually render victims catatonic. "What a lovely but absolutely ridiculous sentiment."

Jean Descole - A criminal mastermind who will do anything to achive his ambition of ultimate power. For his goal he deviously plans complicated schemes of deception and elavorated machinations. His intelligence is on par with the scientist duo Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily. His true name is Professor Desmond Sycamore, an archaeologist and older brother of Layton. "I have sacrificed everything for this moment."

Risky Boots - The nefarious pirate Risky Boots, and Shantae's nemesis, is known throughout Sequin Land for her love of wealth, power, and all shiny things. Risky is an unchallenged and self-appointed 'queen of the Seven Seas', and will caution and toll anyone to think otherwise. "This treasure now belongs to the Queen of the Seven Seas, Captain Risky Boots!"

Clockwork - The mystrious evil time sorcerer who's appearence is hidden behind a black coat and a top hat. His plan is to take control of the ancient Universal Hourglass, wich has the power to bend time and space at will, however, he requires other two powerful time sorcerers to do so, one of them being Father Time and the other being Minuette. He owns a pet crocodile named Tick Tock, wich happens to be gigantic and also eats clocks for breakfast.
Here's a tribute to JellyMayCry and his current work Super Dream Brigade. It includes a new original storyline and two new series: the Professor Layton series and Shantae series. This is to give JellyMayCry some recognition, his works are underrated and he deserves some love for his works:
Hope you guys like it, and as always, stay classy.

All characters belong to  their respective owners.
VanillaCreamKilly Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
Thank you once again for this, I'm very flattered that you would do this :) Although I will say that I don't mind too much if my works don't get much attention. It's sort of understandable too, I'm lazy, I don't post stuff very often, I'm not very adept at writing and most of what I do would only really be enjoyed if someone was a fan of most of the series presented in that work. Oh, there's also the whole no artistic talent thing. Either way, I'm really glad that someone would go through this amount of effort just to tribute me :D
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